Job Boards to Browse

We found the following search engines through our own Google search. Be aware that they have varying reputations and websites can use any data you enter in for their own purposes. Please let us know if we have missed an important search engine or if any of the following academic career sites are of negligible value.

Ultimately, your search for a placement is your responsibility, as no one has a deeper sense for your call than you do. But talking with our Executive Director and working through our networks, including especially the Society of Christian Scholars, can be the best way to get encouragement, information, and widen the breadth and depth of your connections. Some of our partner organizations, such as INCHE and IFES will also prove to be helpful.

Vocation is a community endeavour. Put differently, it takes a village to raise a scholar; and our goal remains to empower scholars to raise villages that flourish in God’s shalom.