Some Historical Highlights

  • 1986: Exploratory efforts launched, and the International Institute for Christian Studies (IICS) organization founded in Overland Park, Kansas, USA, on November 24.
  • 1988: Dr. Danny McCain and family move to Nigeria in August to inaugurate the first IICS Department of Christian Studies at Rivers State University of Science and Technology in Port Harcourt.

(Danny and Mary celebrated 30 years in Nigeria on Sept 9, 2018. Read the wonderful details and browse the photos in the booklet McCain Thanksgiving – 30 Years of God’s Faithfulness in Nigeria.)

Dr. Danny McCain 1991
  • 1991: IICS professors begin teaching in Russia, Ukraine and Romania. At Moscow State University, Dr. Dan Clendenin teaches “A Christian Worldview” course required of all the students in what had been the “Department of Atheism.”
    Dr. Dan Clendenin
  • 1993: New IICS programs started in Hungary, Poland, Belarus and Asia.
  • 1995: Christian Studies International (CSI) established as the Canadian affiliate of IICS, with headquarters in Toronto. Dr Robert Vandervennen is the first Executive Director. Dr Wendy Helleman and her husband Dr Adrian Helleman are appointed by CSI to teach in Moscow.

  • 1999: Twenty-two IICS/CSI professors teaching in eight nations. Protocols established with universities in Nicaragua. A Canadian professor is appointed by CSI to teach in Central Asia (anonymous for security reasons).
  • 2000: The second in the Christian Religious Knowledge Teacher’s Manual series is released in Nigeria. First edition of a Teacher’s Manual for the Faith-Based AIDS Awareness Program for Nigerian secondary school teachers released. Both are the result of the work of IICS professors.
  • 2003: Twenty-five IICS/CSI professors teaching in nine nations. First professors placed in Brazil. Trained 120 university professors in a war-torn Muslim nation in Central Asia. Dr. Rudy Wiebe is appointed by CSI to teach in Nigeria. Marlene, his wife, travels overseas with him.
Rudy & Marlene Wiebe
  • 2005: Dr Henk Van Andel, president emeritus of The King’s University College in Edmonton, becomes Executive Director of CSI.
  • 2006: Forty IICS/CSI professors teaching in fifteen nations. Professors serving for the first time in Bulgaria and Ireland. A team of 6 IICS/CSI professors trained 19 university presidents in Afghanistan.
  • 2008: Forty-three IICS/CSI professors teaching in sixteen nations. Professors serving for the first time in India, Portugal, and the Middle East.
  • 2010: Dr Harro Van Brummelen, professor emeritus at Trinity Western University, becomes Executive Director of CSI.
    Dr. Harro Van Brummelen
  • 2011: Canadian and Canadian-supported professors teaching in Nigeria, The Gambia, Ireland, the Czech Republic, Lithuania, and a country in Asia. IICS changes its name to Global Scholars and begins to re-structure in order to be able to place and support 100 professors around the world within five years.
  • 2013: Due to serious illness, Dr Harro Van Brummelen resigns from his role as Executive Director of CSI. Dr Wendy Helleman serves as Acting Executive Director.
    Dr. Wendy Helleman
  • 2014: Dr Harry Fernhout, president emeritus of The King’s University in Edmonton, is appointed as Executive Director of CSI. Dr. Stan Wallace commences his role as president of Global Scholars replacing Daryl McCarthy who served IICS/Global Scholars in this capacity from its early days.
    Image result for harry fernhout
    Dr. Harry Fernhout
  • 2015: CSI changes its name to Global Scholars Canada (GSC) and celebrates 20 years of service. Over 75 professors serving with Global Scholars/GSC worldwide. 
  • 2017: Dr. Hubert Krygsman appointed Executive Director of Global Scholars Canada.
Dr. Hubert Krygsman
  • 2018: Dr. Peter Schuurman succeeds Dr. Krygsman as Executive Director.
    Peter Schuurman
    Dr. Peter Schuurman