Frequently Asked Questions

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Why Consider Serving with Global Scholars?
  • Should I instead try to secure overseas placement on my own? 

Perhaps it seems easier to strike out on your own than to go through an organizational vetting process. However, in any spiritual and academic enterprise accountability and interdependence will benefit the persons involved. As a Global Scholars professor you not only avoid “reinventing the wheel,” but you enjoy the security of a team that can point out opportunities and risks. You will receive prayerful, practical, and career-enhancing support. Using their experience of many years, the Global Scholars team members stand ready with experience, resources, and advice.

  • What is the Global Scholars advantage in helping professors find placements internationally? 

Global Scholars has a history of helping with placements in many regions in the world. That means our network is at your disposal to advise, guide, and, where desirable, forewarn. We can guide you about best practices for finding a position, evaluate possible opportunities with a second set of eyes, and point out the benefits or pitfalls in a university offer. We also have professors in many disciplines who are available to share their experience and wisdom.

  • What does Global Scholars offer to help better prepare me to teach internationally? 

Global Scholars offers human and scholarly resources to help you prepare to teach overseas. As you prepare for departure the Global Scholars staff prays for you and helps with details that are important to your success. Global Scholars has recommendations for spiritual and integrative academic preparation, and a bibliography of useful current resources.

  • Is GSC an educational organization or a missions ministry? 

GSC is a registered Canadian charitable organization that helps committed Christian professors get overseas placements primarily in public universities. Our vision is to develop leaders who think and live Christianly. So GSC is an educational service organization with a missions motive. We desire to see students become aware of the relevance and richness of Christian faith both personally and for the disciplines they study, come to know Jesus Christ, and see how cultures can be renewed by the truth and grace of the gospel.

What Personal Considerations will Affect My Decision to Serve with Global Scholars?
  • Does GSC only support persons with academic doctoral degrees? 

Primarily, yes. A PhD, ThD, EdD, or a medical degree (MD, DDS, DVM) is the usual standard requirement of the universities with which GSC works. However, in certain cases, terminal degrees such as an MBA, a JD, or an MA in TESL are also in demand in universities overseas.

  • My degree is not in theology or Christian studies. Can GSC still support me? 

Certainly! Most of our professors teach fields other than theology or Christian studies. We are looking for individuals with qualifications to teach their specialty from a Christian perspective. Mathematics, engineering, business, law, history and English are just a few of the requests we receive from around the globe.

  • I don’t speak a foreign language. Can I teach my classes in English?

In fact, universities usually request that GSC professors teach in English. This gives the students an opportunity to learn the subject matter as well as improve their English skills. However, this is not the case at many universities in Central and South America, Francophone Africa, or some European universities.

  • Do GSC professors have to raise support for their salaries, or does the university pay a stipend and cover expenses? 

Overseas universities usually pay GSC professors a salary and/or housing allowance. However, due to underdeveloped or unstable economies and the high cost of living for expatriates in most countries where Global Scholars work, the university salary is seldom sufficient. Working within an approved budget, GSC professors can raise support through church contacts, family, friends, and foundations.

  • In which parts of the world is Global Scholars working? 

Around the globe. Global Scholars has professors in over 45 countries in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and Latin America. A number of the countries which host Global Scholars professors are considered hardship posts–living conditions in some nations can be difficult by Western standards in developing or emerging nations.

  • Can families with children be supported by GSC? 

Many Global Scholars professors have children still at home. We believe that unbelievers can get a good picture of Christianity by seeing the love of God working in a family. Options for educating children abroad include homeschooling, international schools, or local public schools, depending on the country of service, the language and the age of the children.

  • Does GSC support individuals on sabbatical?

GSC as well as most universities prefer placements of two years or longer. However, a short-term sabbatical can be a good opportunity for Christian professors to experience overseas ministry and make a difference on campus.

How does Global Scholars Support My Overseas Academic Ministry?
  • How does Global Scholars help to enhance my academic career? 

GSC believes that university teaching and scholarship is a high and holy God-given calling. The Global Scholars staff is therefore committed to your personal and career growth. We want you to take time to do the research and publication necessary to be a better teacher and scholar. This will also help you can become a more valuable asset for your students, your institution, and your academic discipline. We have excellent resources in pedagogy and integration of faith and learning. Also, the presence of other Global Scholars professors in your field can, with the help of modern technology, provide assistance in your professional development.

  • As a Christian professor I want to be a light for Christ, but I also value fellowship. How does Global Scholars help me from becoming isolated while teaching internationally? 

Help begins in your participation in our application process where together we explore your strengths as well as your limitations (everyone has them!). We want to help you find a position where you have the best chance to succeed. Our staff, as well as regional teams where such exist, provide support and accountability while you are on the field. We provide ongoing spiritual help through the encouragement of pastoral staff who contact you regularly and also visit you on occasion.

  • What ongoing obligations do I have as a GSC-endorsed professor once I am employed by an overseas university?

GSC wants to make sure that you are free to pursue your calling with excellence and with a minimum of “administrivia.” To give you effective ongoing support and advice, we do ask you to complete an annual report. We also offer a Global Scholars professors’ conference every other year, in order to share experiences and be “recharged” for ongoing service. And after your initial appointment, which is normally for two years, you will be asked to sign a contract renewal.

  • What is the purpose of my annual report? 

Your annual report describes stories and significant spiritual and professional events that occurred during the academic year, as well as particular needs and frustrations. The GSC Executive Director and the Global Scholars Director of Faculty Care read these reports carefully in order to share in your joys and accomplishments, help overcome obstacles and frustrations, and set priorities for the future. It helps us to understand what it is like to work in your setting as a committed Christian professor, and thereby know how to serve you and other professors more effectively.