“We Believe in Global Scholars Canada”

Ministry Leaders

Dr. Gordon T. Smith, President, Ambrose University College & Seminary (Calgary, Alberta): Global Scholars Canada plays a strategic role in global Christian mission – encouraging and fostering quality Christian leadership in the universities of the world.  And what an opportunity (!) – to shape the minds of future leaders in countries in Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe and elsewhere.  Emerging scholars should definitely consider this as an opportunity for international involvement.

Dr. Os Guinness, Author and Speaker: The Global Scholars work is one of the most extraordinary mission movements in the world today. It is costly, and often it will not see huge immediate returns, but it is a rare, farsighted and remarkable work that is sowing seeds of unimaginable significance. I couldn’t be more supportive.

The late Dr. John R. W. StottBecause we believe that Jesus Christ is the truth, we have nothing to fear from exposure to academic inquiry… I warmly endorse the vision of Global Scholars to help establish and/or strengthen university Departments of Christian Studies.

Charles ColsonWhether we can get a Christian influence in the world often depends on how well we can educate the elite. One of the great agencies for doing this is Global Scholars. That is way I support Global Scholars.

Josh McDowellWhen I speak on a university campus, I am only there for one or two days. But now Global Scholars/GSC is able to teach the Bible and the evidences for it, every day of every semester in more and more public universities overseas.

Dr. Ralph Winter, U.S. Center for World Mission: For many years I have believed it is better to invade the secular universities than to try to duplicate them…. Global Scholars has one of the most strategic concepts in world missions today.

Tim Stafford, author: Global Scholars works with real Christian integrity in universities around the world. For that reason they can reach places and people that other approaches to missions cannot. I cannot think of a more important goal than bringing a Christian worldview to academia.

Academic Leaders:

Dr. Paul Marshall, Wilson Distinguished Professor of Religious Freedom at Baylor University and Senior Fellow at the Hudson Institute’s Center for Religious Freedom: GS/CSI’s work is vital because it is vital to have educated Christian leadership throughout the world. Through its visionary work, Christian professors are reaching thousands of students. And, while it is expensive to support a professor overseas, it is very much more economical than bringing large numbers of students to North America. GS/CSI deserves wide support.

Dr. Ronald A. Kuipers, President, Institute for Christian Studies: Today there is a great need for Christian scholars the world over to network with one another and discuss what it means to integrate faith and learning, and for this discussion to take place across a variety of disciplines and cultural contexts. Global Scholars Canada seeks to meet this need by serving as a hub that will connect this global community of Christian teachers and researchers, facilitating important cross-cultural conversations and collaborations. I strongly endorse this work, and look forward to participating in GSC’s efforts to connect this dynamic global academic community.

Dr. Dallas WillardI’ve been tremendously impressed with the work that Global Scholars does. I think it is an absolutely unique and necessary way of presenting Christ to the nations. It must be inspired by God.

Dr. Mark Noll, Wheaton College: Global Scholars is doing critical work at a time in the world’s development when the thirst for knowledge is very strong… Global Scholars provides an opportunity for a rising generation to learn about Christian faith… from teachers who are strong in their disciplines and who are committed to the Kingdom of Christ.

Dr. Walter Kaiser, President, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary: Global Scholars is responding to one of the greatest challenges in the last part of the twentieth century and may well become the pattern for the twenty-first century.

Dr. Richard G. Swinburne, University of Oxford: It is very important that Christian ideas should be fully available to students…Global Scholars has done, as far as I know, more than any other organization to make such ideas available.

Other Leaders

Greg Campbell, business leader, chairman, Wheaton College Board of Visitors: Global Scholars provides a very high return on investment. Being able to influence future leaders of countries is a remarkable opportunity and is one worthy of my support.

Rob and Jodi Hanlon, business leaders, Wheaton, Illinois: We support ministries with a strong and explicit vision and mission. With Global Scholars our support is being utilized effectively. Global Scholars reaches people while maximizing financial assets.

Dr. James Kennedy, Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church: This, indeed, is an innovative and a most needed missionary project.

Overseas Academics and Students

Dr. Allah Kim, Professor of Psychology, Kazakh State University, Almaty, Kazakhstan: Thank you for giving me the possibility to know the Bible better.

Public School Teacher in NigeriaThe project came at the right time because Nigeria is at its collapse. Such a motivated, challenging seminar kept us ready to do our best to change our lives, our students and Nigeria as a whole by the grace of God.

Miroslava Vyteckova, former student in Prague, Czech Republic: In my childhood I never heard a word about religion or God. We were always taught only the materialistic point of view. Richard Smith from Global Scholars showed us the other side of the story… It is not his influence on us just as a teacher, he is also a friend and always has good advice. His personality is full of light. Dr. Smith is one of the best teachers I have ever known.

Christian Religious Knowledge (CRK) teacher, Jos, Nigeria, on the teacher’s manual on CRK developed by Global Scholars: It gives me joy to even go to classes with this manual. With this manual in my possession, I feel I am a real teacher and not a confuser.

Education Inspector, Gombe State, Nigeria: Really the Lord is using you to train the CRK teachers who are entrusted with the work of training our young ones. The lectures and the materials are so very important to us, more than if you had given us a billion dollars each. They so much opened our eyes to see the need to share the same knowledge with our students who are perishing.


Harry Boessenkool, Retired Banker, Former GSC Board Member: GSC is a facilitating organization that assists Christian scholars in using their gifts in universities outside North America. This is a very unique program that relies on the community supporting the scholar accompanied by special logistics and moral support from GSC. It also enables the scholar to stay in touch and benefit from other Christian scholars doing similar work elsewhere. I personally witnessed this arrangement some years ago in Moscow, Russia. It was a tremendous experience for both the scholars and the students.