Are You Our Next Scholar?

“We must be global Christians with a global vision because our God is a global God.” (John R.W. Stott)

A cross-cultural university setting for employment in teaching, researching, mentoring, or administrating provides you with opportunities to…

  • Communicate the gospel to students  & demonstrate a Christian worldview on important issues
  • Share Christ’s love in isolated corners of the globe
  • Encourage students to grow in Christian faith and share that faith within their personal networks
  • Positively influence the university and its students through excellence in teaching and healthy leadership
  • Benefit the country where you work through involvement in scholarly and leadership activities

Consider helping a suffering world with the unique insights and abilities that God has given you. Do so with the help and support of an organization with much experience in sponsoring cross-cultural university teaching. It will change your life!

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Questions to Consider

    • Why do I want to teach outside of Canada? What do I hope to accomplish in a cross-cultural setting?
    • Have others confirmed to me that I am a good teacher?
    • Has anyone to whom I am spiritually accountable (a pastor, a small group leader or a Christian friend) confirmed to me that teaching outside of Canada is a good fit for me?
    • What are my goals for living and teaching in another country?

(Adapted from Teaching in a Distant Classroom pgs 23 & 26)

 Are you interested in teaching future world leaders? If so, we’re interested in talking with you!