Our Vision, Mission, Values

Global Scholars Canada

Scholars, Board and Staff @ Tyndale Retreat



Missional Christian academics redemptively influencing students and colleagues, departments and disciplines, at every university worldwide.

Rudy & Marlene Wiebe with students in Nigeria



The mission of Global Scholars Canada is to identify, develop, send, equip and support missional Christian academics for work, primarily in open enrolment post-secondary institutions around the world, with the objective to inspire and influence students and institutional communities with the promise of Christian vocation and worldview for a deeper participation in God’s kingdom, including the flourishing of people and the planet, locally and globally.

Fall 2019 – Student Orientation for the Christian Studies program in The Gambia. Manhee Yoon and Layne Turner are in the front row.



  •  Rooted in Jesus Christ as Lord
  • Vocation and Kingdom-focused
  • Ecumenical and Interdenominational
  • Transnational and Cross-cultural
  • Academic and Unpretentious
  • Student-Oriented
  • Economical and Innovative
  • Transparent and Trustworthy
Adrian & Wendy Helleman