Recent Graduations at The University of The Gambia

UTG’s 15th Convocation, 4th for the Christian Religious Studies Program

This Spring, on March 18th, 2023, 8 students graduated from the Christian Religious Studies Program/Department with Bachelor of Arts degrees in Christian Studies (Division of Humanities and Social Sciences) at the University of the Gambia. This brings the overall total graduates in CRS’ short years running, to an impressive 35! The numbers bring joy and delight to families near, and GSC supporters, far. These are the names of this year’s CRS graduates: Blessing Chinelo Ndupu (Summa Cum Laude – one of 11 to achieve this designation out of more than a thousand students), Francis Osuji (Honors), Ousman O. Saine, James Adama Bass, Mathew Dabonyan, Emma H. Gomez, Albinu Emmanuel Jatta, and Margaret Demba. Congratulations all!

Drs. Glen Taylor, Layne Turner and Manhee Yoon with graduates.

GSC’s own Scholar, Dr. Glen Taylor was able to travel to The Gambia and take part in the auspicious event as well as enjoy fellowship with Christian Religious Studies lecturers: Dr. Layne Turner, Dr. Manhee Yoon, Bishop Bannie Manga, Rev. Shaka Ashcroft, Dr. Tanimu Umaru, and Father Edu Gomez. The day following convocation, graduates and their spouses or friends were invited to enjoy a luncheon together. There were many expressions of gratitude to lecturers, Pastor Benjamin, Dr. Glen Taylor, and GSC and the program’s donors. 

The following are proposed plans for those who graduated this year to date: 

Blessing Chinelo Ndupu – is considering pursuing further studies. 

James Adama Bass – was recently ordained as a Methodist minister and is in church ministry.  

Francis Osuji – is planning to study theology in a graduate school overseas. 

Ousman O. Saine – is a nurse and continues to work with a gospel mind toward his patients. 

Mathew Dabonyan – is a Youth Pastor in his church and also works as a secretary in the same church. 

Emma H. Gomez and Margaret Demba – are back in school as teachers. 

Albinu E. Jatta – is serving as a vice principal at a Catholic School and is likely to be promoted to Principal. 

The CRS Program at the UTG is poised to take on new growth with a proposal for a Master’s Program now completed and submitted to the University. There is much cause for celebration. Thank you to all GSC donors who have helped to see this Program grow and quite obviously bear fruit.

CRS at the UTG is still seeking a New Testament Scholar for its program. Read more about the opportunity here and spread the word!

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