Glen Taylor

Glen joined the Global Scholars Canada team in 2019. He has served for many years alongside GSC scholars at the University of The Gambia, developing the Christian Studies program there. Glen visits The Gambia for about a month each year. When in the Gambia he functions as Associate priest at a local evangelical Anglican church, while having opportunity also to preach in other churches and to appear on local Christian radio and TV programmes. Glen plays an integral role in the Gambian Scholarship program facilitated by GSC, and fundraises across Canada, having raised more than $150,000 since 2010. His regular gig is to serve on the faculty of Wycliffe College at the University of Toronto. Glen has taught in university, seminary and lay pastoral contexts in various places, including the Canadian Arctic, China, and Latin America.


Glen’s mainstay is teaching courses in Hebrew and the Old Testament at Wycliffe College.  He is an Associate Professor of Scripture and Global Christianity, and occasionally supervises doctoral students at the School of Graduate Studies at the University of Toronto.

Glen loves to encourage students on their path of ministry in the Church or Christian scholarship.  He has supervised approximately 20 doctoral theses in the area of Old Testament or Classical Hebrew.

After consultation with African experts, Glen designed the curriculum for the Christian Religious Studies program at the University of the Gambia.  


Glen was a contributor for 8 other books – Read more about them on Glen’s page in our website library.

Read Glen’s February 2020 article What is the Best Bible Translation?


Glen “successfully designed a four-year Bachelors degree in Christian Religious Studies for the Senate of The University of the Gambia while spearheading a project to raise $65,000 in start-up funding for the new programme.”

Praise God, the program saw its first round of graduates at a convocation ceremony in February 2020, and there are now almost 50 students in the program. 

Tuition costs are roughly $1000 CDN annually per student in The Gambia. This number is so much lower than in North America, and scholarship money can go a long way there. Since 2010 when Glen was asked to coordinate the development of the Bachelors degree in Christian Religious Studies, he has been diligent in helping however he can – networking with prospective students, teaching intensive classes, and fundraising across Canada for scholarships with much support from the Adrian & Wendy Helleman.

Glen with a Gambian student sponsored by Muskoka Community Church
Glen with a Gambian students sposored by Christ the King Anglican Church

“My times in the Gambia have always included some intensely rich and fun fellowship with Global Scholars Drs Layne Turner and Manhee Yoon!”


“While in the Gambia I serve as Associate priest at the Anglican parish of St. Paul’s Fajara. I preach most Sundays (whether there or at another local church) and am a regular guest on a radio programme designed to encourage local Christians in their faith, including engaging respectfully with their Muslim neighbors. I also teach local Christian leaders in Wycliffe College’s Gambia-based Diploma in Ministry programme.”