GSC Scholars

Where Are They?

GSC Scholars also reach out to Latin America and French Africa through different projects.

Snapshot of their work in recent years:

  • 14 scholars
  • Reached at least 200 undergraduate students – this number is impossible to count with many online lectures and conferences during COVID
  • Worked with at least 2 graduate students on theses, careers, research
  • Taught at least 20 classes
  • Served in 9 academic disciplines
  • Present on at least 10 campuses
  • Connected to at least 9 countries – again impossible to count with many online events and options during COVID
  • Distributed more than 60 scholarships in The Gambia since 2017
  • Many global communities redemptively influenced!

Who Are They?

Click on the links below to visit personalized Scholar pages:

Ross Jansen van Vuuren
Mike Wagenman