Welcome New Board Member – Kathy Vanderkloet

Kathleen Vanderkloet retired in 2020 after working for 33 years in Nigeria with Resonate Global Mission (the mission agency of the Christian Reformed Church (CRC) in North America).  Prior to Nigeria, she worked in Toronto with the Institute for Christian Studies (1981-87) and Wedge Publishing Foundation (1978-81).

Kathy grew up in a strong Christian home within the Dutch immigrant community of southern Ontario, the third of seven siblings.  A lifelong member of the CRC, she attended Christian elementary and secondary schools in Sarnia and Toronto, then earned a BA in history at Trinity Christian College in Palos Heights, IL.  Wedge Publishing Foundation introduced her to accounting and developed her editorial and proofreading skills, while ICS honed her administrative skills.  She initially went to Nigeria as a short-term volunteer, unaware that God in his providence was preparing her for a permanent posting there until retirement.  She learned Hausa, the common trade language of much of Northern Nigeria.  She also learned generosity, hospitality, patience and reliance on God’s provision from her many Nigerian and expatriate friends and colleagues!

While in Nigeria, Kathy was introduced to Danny McCain and his vision for what would ultimately become Global Scholars.  Over the years, she became acquainted with all the Global Scholars in Nigeria, many of whom stayed at the CRC Guest House while in Jos.  Intrigued by the model of placing Christian scholars in secular institutions, and impressed by the quality and charisma of those scholars in Nigeria, Kathy is now honoured to serve on the Board of Global Scholars Canada.  While not a scholar herself, she hopes that her Christian commitment, international experience, and financial and administrative background will support the staff and scholars of GSC.

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