Welcome Home! Scholars Return to Canada After More Than 2 Decades of Service!

You’ll still see the words “Anonymous in Asia” beside a silhouette on our GSC Scholars page, but we wanted to celebrate the safe return of a dedicated scholar who served faithfully for over 20 years abroad.

They’d been in lockdown since the end of January – about 6 weeks longer than us Canadians. Isolated by more than a pandemic, the last 5 months have been some of the most difficult during their decades in Asia.

Hoping to return home in April, they instead had to endure more than two more months of waiting and hoping. There were piles of red tape and mountains of anxiety casting shadows of doubt and confusion on their voyage back home. Waiting for the restrictions to lift, hoping each checkpoint would let them pass as they set off for the “True North”.

There were so many people praying, watching their inboxes or phones for news on the anticipated day of travel. And so much relief when the news was positive! They had passed each checkpoint, endured many difficult moments along the way, but they were safe and welcomed back in Canada!

With tears in their eyes, they talk about their love for the people they left behind in Asia. It will be a long season of coming home, of learning how to serve the people of Asia from their home in Canada, of sifting through new possibilities for teaching and ministry. We know God will guide them in their searching.

And though the voyage home was much more difficult and drawn-out than it should have been, the celebration of their arrival is not diminished in the hearts of their family and friends.

We celebrate with you! We thank God for your loyal service, your open hearts, and your love for those He calls you to.

Blessings on your return home. May it be peaceful and restful in the months ahead.

Photo “airplane” by Kuster & Wildhaber Photography is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0.

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