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Elmer Thiessen, a Canadian Christian Scholar, mentors fellow academics on the Society of Christian Scholars portal.

(Elmer speaking about his book, The Scandal of Evangelism. See his other books on Amazon.)

Here’s an article from the Addenda (a bulletin of the SCS) which speaks a little more about Elmer’s contribution to the lives of others…

I was delighted to see the Society of Christian Scholars develop a mentorship programme, because all too often graduate programs offer little by way of helping new instructors with the all-important task of teaching. I was assigned to a young philosophy instructor, Dr. Mengyao Yan, who is teaching part-time at Indiana University-Purdue University [Columbus, Indiana USA]. We have connected via email and Zoom, sometimes on a weekly basis. I have enjoyed offering advice regarding organizing courses, textbook choices, teaching, and problems with students. This is very much a reciprocal relationship, and I am sure I am benefitting as much as my mentee is. It has helped me to feel useful, even in old age!
Prof. Elmer Thiessen
Retired Instructor of Philosophy, Medicine Hat College
Alberta, Canada

Dr. Thiessen is exactly the kind of mentor that I prayed for. He helped me settle some worries regarding my calling as a philosopher and the other roles I have. He offered me many very useful suggestions and tips about how to teach philosophy as a Christian. I was also given very good advice on how to study the Bible in more depth, besides the academic guidance. Overall, Dr. Thiessen has been very encouraging, helpful, and inspiring to me. I am very grateful for this mentorship.
Mengyao Yan, Ph.D.
Indiana University-Purdue University 
Columbus, IN

The Society is very grateful for Prof. Thiessen, and for the other 20 scholar-mentors like him, who are currently serving 12 mentees. Our mentors represent various backgrounds, experiences, languages, and cultures from 8 different countries. Consider becoming a mentor yourself! Though we are taking applications from all disciplines, mentors are especially needed in Systematic Theology, Economics, and English Language Education.

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