News From Manhee Yoon in the Gambia – 3rd Convocation and New Construction

New construction. Chapel at Yundum Barracks.

Manhee writes recently about the 3rd round of graduates from the Christian Studies Program at the University of The Gambia:

Hi everyone, 
I hope this email finds you well. Everyone here in The Gambia is also doing fine. 
There was a UTG convocation last Saturday (March 5th), so I wanted to share some pictures with you all. 
9 of our students graduated. The next day (Sunday), we gathered together to celebrate. Students, family members, and lecturers came, all together 20 people. It was a very encouraging time. Students’ stories were all touching and showed us how much this means to them and how much they appreciate lecturers, GSC, and supporters. 
One of the graduates started the program in 2015, but it took him 7 years to complete, because he, as a soldier, was dispatched two times to Sudan and Mauritania for some time, but he didn’t give up and was able to complete his studies. He has now been appointed as chaplain and is the second highest chaplain in The Gambia. They are now building a church building in Yundum Barracks. It is an amazing thing. 
Thank you for all your support from Canada. I am happy to be part of God’s amazing work in The Gambia, and so should you be. 

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