D.R. Congo – 1st Graduates!

Dr. Dia Diafwila traveled to Kinsasha (the capital city of D.R. Congo) in February 2020 for a special celebration…


In September 2017, Professor Diafwila was given the responsibility of setting up and coordinating Masters and Doctorate programs in Pastoral Care & Chaplaincy, Victimology, Transformational Biblical Leadership and Digital Education for students in D.R. Congo.

Dia teaching online from Canada to Africa

Dr. Diafwila was also responsible for training teachers for these programs at universities across the country.

Graduates of the programs would be equipped to work in hospitals, schools, prisons, police departments, and the military.

This assignment was supported by the Ministry of Higher and University Education in the D.R. Congo.

Further support came from:

February 29th, 2020 – Convocation!

After three years of online and on-site training, seventeen of twenty-two students have completed their practical and theoretical training in Pastoral Care and Chaplaincy!

Graduates received their diplomas from the International Network of Universities at the Musée National du Congo, in front of representatives of several universities, the Ministry of Higher and University Education, and the Presidency of the Republic.

Other items on the itinerary during Dia’s trip to Kinsasha:

  1. Visiting with the Minister of ESU to discuss partnership with Canadian universities in the fields of education and research.
  2. Helping to lead training seminars in supervision of pastoral care work placements, in counseling victims of systemic violence and in distance education.
Dia leading a training seminar in Kinsasha, D.R. Congo

Future Plans

  • More graduates – Seven pastors will receive a Doctor Honoris Causa and one online student will receive a diploma in Pastoral Care & Chaplaincy. Dia says “We are building a strong African online education network with local universities.
  • Continuation of online training in various universities of the D.R. Congo – Clinical Pastoral Care & Chaplaincy, Victimology, Counseling, Bioethics & Biblical World Vision, and Transformational Leadership
  • Further development of an Online Education Network with the Universities of Kinshasa and the Province of Central Congo, including websites connected to MOODLE and lessons downloaded from MOOC.
  • Intensive training in distance and face-to-face digital university teaching.
  • Regular visits to D.R. Congo by Professor Diafwila in DR Congo – hopefully three times per year.
  • Establishment of five mini digital education studios in universities – 4 in Kinshasa and 1 in Central Congo.
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