GSC’s 26-Year History of Crossing Borders for the Gospel

For the past year, Global Scholars Canada staff and scholars have laboured to publish a memoir of the organization’s rich history of passionate and purposeful professors. We enjoyed our time gathering stories, reflections, and photos of the gifted scholars, faithful supporters, diligent executive directors, and dedicated board members who helped grow GSC into the enduring mission it has today.

The project renews our sense of identity and purpose, and helps us clarify all we hope for in the coming years of service on campuses worldwide. We reflect back with wonder and are encouraged by the lives that have been reached with the hope of the gospel and a calling for kingdom service.

We are inspired by the dreams of connecting Canadian Christian academics in a common goal to share that same hope and calling on campuses worldwide. Whether that be through virtual or in-person opportunities, as faculty, emerging scholars or grad students – we strive to serve those who have a vision for sharing a Christian worldview on campuses worldwide. We imagine the possibilities alongside Canadian Christian academics, learning together about how their vocation can be a path for reaching students, colleagues, and communities for Christ and his kingdom.

Our Communications Coordinator, Anna Sklar, has facilitated much of this work, and has experience in publishing independent books. So we are blessed to be able to order a paperback copy of this 100-page history for the very affordable price of only $4.70 on It will be delivered right to your door!

Order a copy for your personal library or as a gift to someone interested in the work of GSC. We would be happy to follow up with them if appropriate.

We also have the book available in pdf here on our website.

We are deeply grateful for your interest and support in Global Scholars Canada over the past 26 years, and we look forward to many more years of service on campuses around God’s good but broken planet.

Blurbs from the back cover of the book:

“We bring missional imagination to academic vocation.”

This is the unofficial guarantee of Global Scholars Canada now for over 25 years.

In 1995 Adrian and Wendy Helleman flew off to Moscow, forging a path of missional academic ventures that other Canadian scholars would soon follow.

Read their stories inside these pages and be inspired for the possibilities of Christian ministry in the academic halls of our globalized world. Discover the ways in which Christian professors are reaching the next generation of cultural leaders with the hope and light of the gospel. All teaching carries a worldview, and all disciplines suggest practices, and these professors seek to bring ideologies to light and show how a Christian imagination can change things for good—for the common good and human flourishing before the face of God.

This book reveals our rich past, the possibilities of the present, and dreams of what might yet come when university professors are called to cross borders and share faith in Jesus Christ and his kingdom.

Whether you are newer to Global Scholars Canada or someone who has been a part of this organization for much or all of its twenty-five (+1) year journey, the stories included in this booklet will be a faith-building source of inspiration and vision. They are a testimony to a deep faith in Jesus Christ that has found expression in an abiding commitment to a worldwide academic mission that has its foundation in Scripture. 

– Justin Cooper, Board Chair 2017 – 2021

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