Anna Makes her Move

Not goodbye – see you later – and thank you Anna.

Anna Sklar came to GSC after moving from Sudbury to Guelph, Ontario. She was raising two strapping young men—Josiah and Elijah—and supporting her pastor-husband Josh; yet she was also looking for work just when we were looking for what we called a Program Administrator. We knew we needed someone who had initiative, who would serve others in a friendly way, and who could be a fast learner. When we saw on Amazon that Anna had written and self-published over 20 books, we figured we had found the right person.

God is gracious, as we certainly did find someone who could start the job from scratch and make our organization more visible, more accessible, and more attractive to the on-line world than it has ever been. She moved us from cyberspace obscurity to a meaningful, colourful, and user-friendly presence. So we changed her title to Communications Coordinator.

Recently, Anna and her family have made some moves of their own, shifting to a new living space within Guelph, and her husband now has new work. Anna herself is now accredited as a bona fide Real Estate Agent, and is looking to help others make moves of their own. Sadly, this means she is moving on from GSC.

She isn’t quite gone yet, as she is helping Brenda Goranson transition into the now entitled Administrative and Communications Coordinator role. We will remember Anna as forever helpful, always prayerful and positive, and ever-able to navigate the web in ways Peter and Harley never could.

One more thing you may not know about Anna: every few months or so she has moments of profound inspiration, which give her visions of fresh possibilities for organizational development. These visions may include multiple pages of ideas, procedures, and opportunities for expansion. Out of these epiphanies came our weekly staff meetings, seasonal scholar Zoom meetings, and our 25th anniversary booklet. Let the record show: Anna has made no small contribution to the health and growth of our mission.

Says our finance officer Harley Dekker:

Anna certainly had moments of profound inspiration. Anna regularly came up with big new ideas in our weekly staff meetings. Many times I would realize that ‘I had never thought of that possibility.’ More often than not, the ideas worked out well. She adapted very quickly to understand communications with our donors, and just ‘ran’ with the communication coming out of GSC. Anna was always positive, and always helpful.

Anna, we are sad you are moving on, yet eternally grateful for your contribution to our work life, our special events, and our growing ministry. May God bless you and your family as you all embark on new adventures in work, life, and ministry. May you always be moved by God’s voice speaking to you and giving you new dreams. See you later Anna.

Josiah, Anna (with Lucy), Elijah and Josh
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