An Encouraging Note from a Gambian Student

Manhee Yoon, a GSC scholar who is one of four faculty members serving in the Christian Religious Studies Program at the University of The Gambia, writes:

I received a message from a student named Ajammeh Mendy this morning, who has completed his four year studies this semester.

He wrote this to appreciate our work in The Gambia. In his letter, he also mentioned those who supported him financially throughout his studies.

I hope this will be an encouragement for us all.



“Good evening Dr, it’s been a while. I hope this message finds you in a good condition with your family. I write to inform you I have successfully finished my studies this concluded semester. Dr, I give God the glory for keeping me throughout my studies. And also my appreciation to you and Dr Turner for standing there for me during my studies. Your support and encouragement cannot be over emphasized. You filled a vacuum in my life and that can never be erased in my life. You people served as an inspiration to me. I’m hugely impacted by your excellence in the ways of God and also your intellectual stuff, you inspired me a lot. I’m grateful and thankful. I pray that heaven shall be your reward. Not forgetting those behind with financial support that allowed or enabled me to acquire knowledge of God in the course of studies. The Lord shall bless them mightily. Heaven shall be their reward too. I’m definitely honoured and will pass the privilege that came through your hands. Much thanks Dr. God bless you.” 

– Ajammeh Mendy

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