Faith, Teaching, and Scholarship – Resources of Note

The Outrageous Idea of the Missional Christian Professor, International Edition by Paul M. Gould, 2019

Religion in the University by Nicholas Wolterstorff, 2019

Learning to Teach from Within a Christian Perspective by John H. Kok, Dordt College, 2003


ORAL: Online Reformational Academic Library – compiled by Jan Boers – A collection of articles relating to faith, scholarship, Islam, Nigeria, Reformed theology, secularism and much, much more.


Wendy Helleman

  1. Early Christianity: A Textbook for African Students (Co-Author), 2019
  2. Solovyov’s Sophia As a Nineteenth-Century Russian Appropriation of Dante’s Beatrice (Author), 2011
  3. The Feminine Personification of Wisdom: A Study of Homer’s Penelope, Cappadocian Macrina, Boethius’ Philosophia and Dante’s Beatrice (Author), 2009
  4. the Russian Idea: In Search of a New Identity (Editor), 2004
  5. Hellenization Revisited: Shaping a Christian Response Within the Greco-Roman World (Author), 1994
  6. Christianity and the classics: The acceptance of a heritage (Editor), 1990

Adrian Helleman

Two articles in Dark Days of Authoritarianism: To Be in History

  1. “Seventy-Five Long Hours” describes his involvement in the 1986 uprising.
  2. “A Nonviolent Revolution” discusses the efficacy of active nonviolence as an alternative to “just war” theory. It also highlights the role of missionaries who stand in solidarity with the people whom they serve in turbulent times.

David Koyzis

Political Visions & Illusions (Author), 2019

The Golden Key for Life and Leaders: The Idea of Office (Foreword), 2019

We Answer to Another: Authority, Office, and the Image of God (Author), 2014

Catholicism and Religious Freedom: Contemporary Reflections on Vatican II’s Declaration on Religious Liberty (Contributor), 2006