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YES, I wish to support GSC’s strategic ministry!  (Print this page, fill it out, then mail it in.)
My donation is intended to benefit the work of:
Global Scholars Canada Professors
Dia Diafwila, Cameroon & Congo
Stephen Ney, Sierra Leone
 Rudy and Marlene Wiebe, Nigeria
        Adrian & Wendy Helleman, The Gambia
Manhee Yoon, The Gambia
        Glen Taylor, The Gambia
        Andrew Barron, Ethiopia
        Jean Bieri, TBD
        David Koyzis, TBD
        Ian Ritchie, TBD
        Justice Akpan, India
        Jeremy Young, Columbia
        Other  ________________________________
Global Scholars (USA) Fellows
Danny McCain, Nigeria
Robert and Adrienne Lillo, Nigeria
 Frank and Jo Peters, Ireland
Layne Turner, The Gambia
Kraig and Loren Warmeneude, Mexico
        Katrina Korb, Nigeria
Michelle and Aaron (AJ) Howell
Other  ________________________________
 Harro Van Brummelen Fund (to support new Appointees in their first year of service)
Gambian Scholarship Fund
General Fund – Office Staff, Special Events, Advertising, Marketing, and Travel Expenses
 Special Project (please specify) _____________________________________________
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I/We authorize automatic fund transfer of $ __________ monthly starting ___________________
(Include a cheque marked “Void.” Funds are debited the 1st or 15th of each month; payments can be stopped or revised anytime with 10 days’ notice.)
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Send this completed form and cheque to:
Global Scholars Canada
P.O. Box 72052
1630 Danforth Avenue
Toronto ON M4C 0A1 Canada