October 9, 2015

Board & Staff

Global Scholars Canada (GSC) is incorporated under the Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act and is a registered charity. Its Board of Directors includes members from across Canada and the United States. The President of Global Scholars (USA) serves on the GSC Board while GSC’s Executive Director serves on the Global Scholars (USA) Board of Directors.

Board of Directors (as of June 2017):

Harry Boessenkool (Treasurer)
Surrey, BC
Term 2: Expires January 2020

Justin Cooper (Chair)
Christian Higher Education Canada
Dundas, ON
Term 3: Expires January 2021

Mary Leigh Morbey (Secretary)
York University
Toronto, ON
Term 1: Expires January 2020

Carla Nelson
Tyndale University College and Seminary
Toronto, ON
Term 3: Expires January 2021

Stan Wallace
Global Scholars
Overland Park, KS
Partner Representative

John Wood (Vice-Chair)
The King’s University
Edmonton, AB
Term 3: Expires November 2018



Dr. Peter Schuurman
Executive Director (part-time)
Guelph, ON
Email: office@globalscholarscanada.ca
Telephone: 1-519-822-7177 (cell)

Harley B. Dekker CPA, CMA
Financial Administrator
Toronto, ON
Email: finance@globalscholarscanada.ca

GSC works closely with Global Scholars (USA). Dr Stan Wallace is the President of Global Scholars.  For more information about the Global Scholars leadership team, go to www.global-scholars.org/aboutus/leadership.