GSC Professors

Manhee & Eunice Yoon
In The Gambia
With GSC since 2017
Manhee teaches Christian Studies

Dia & Helene Mbwangi
Online from Canada to Cameroon & R.D. Congo
With GSC since 2016
Dia teaches African Philosophy, Intercultural Studies, Pastoral Theology, Counseling and Chaplaincy

Anonymous GSC Professor
In Central Asia
With GSC since 1999
Undisclosed details to protect safety

Andrew Barron
Sessional course in Ethiopia
With GSC since 2018
Andrew teaches Jewish Backgrounds of the Gospels at the Evangelical Theological Seminary

Adrian & Wendy Helleman
In Canada and The Gambia
With GSC since 1995 – the beginning!
Previously served in Russia, Tanzania, Nigeria, and The Gambia

Rudy & Marlene Wiebe
In Canada and Nigeria
With GSC since 2003
Previously served in Nigeria

Stephen Ney
In Sierra Leone
With GSC since 2011
Stephen is on leave in BC but planning to return to the field in 2019